Book Review: Thrust by Victoria Ashley

Thrust by Victoria Ashley
Series: Standalone
Release Date: April 3rd 2015
Publisher: Self-published
Language: English
Print Length: 206 pages
Format: eBook
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Contemporary
Target Reader: Adult

2 brothers… 1 girl…I never expected to be that girl. The one desiring the touch of two brothers and being thrust into a world of intense pleasure. Not in reality anyway.

Both of these brothers are out to please and they both have the equipment to do it. The Wilder brothers have proved that.

Kyan Wilder fucks like no other man I’ve ever experienced. He’s rough, creative and still willing to be gentle when you need it. He’s every single woman’s desire brought to life and he’s not willing to let me go until he’s done pleasing me in every possible way he can.

Hunter Wilder is a loose cannon. He likes to party, get wild and then show you a good time in the bedroom. He keeps me pleased and reminds me that I’m still young and not everything in life needs to be so serious.

We’re all fine with sharing. Things are going smoothly. It saves the brothers from having to commit and it ensures that I’ll always get the sexual satisfaction that I desire. I mean what girl doesn’t dream of having sex with the two most sinfully sexiest brothers to walk this earth?

Well I didn’t… Until I got a taste.

But then I remembered that nothing this good lasts forever…


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Paperback: Amazon US

Review by Alexa
source: Victoria Ashley-Author facebook

Victoria Ashley is new for me and i would like to read Thrust. I saw many people liked this and wanted to give a try. I kinda curious with the synopsis, teasers and of course, the cover 😀 Damn, I’m such a cover whore when I saw it on my facebook! I just couldn’t ignore it. LOL

Well… to be short, this is what i liked:

  1. Damn, Kyan! You’re like every woman’s dream. A full-package of sins. HOT body, filthy-sexy mouth and gentleman attitude. Who doesn’t want you?
  2. Calla is fun and adventurous woman. Her character is well-developed beside Kyan. She changed very much after them together.
  3. The way Kyan show his attention to Calla, Sigh… I’m melting! (Back to likes no. 1)
  4. Chemistry between Calla and Kyan is quite develop well. They’re enjoying each other.
  5. Thanks god this is not triangle love  despite Calla had early crush on Logan when in college.
  6. Calla’s roommate; Tori is definitely my other fave. She is hilarious. I wish she will has her own story and meet her match.

What i didn’t like:

  1. Sorry, I’m not a fans of friends-with-benefit type.
  2. Hunter. I don’t know what is wrong with this dude but I don’t like the way he treat woman before and after they fucked. Clearly,Yay to Kyan!
  3. Too many sex (almost 50%). Nothing complicated. Just straight to the each other pants.
  4. I can see where it goes, so the problem can be noticed. The story has average page and i could read it without problem..

Overall, Thrust is recommended for reader who wants an easy read with ordinary story 😉

Overall Rating






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