Book Review: Sinfully Mine by Kendall Ryan

Sinfully Mine by Kendall Ryan
Series: Lessons with the Dom #2
Release Date: July 14th 2015
Publisher: Self-published
Language: English
Print Length: 309 pages
Format: eBook
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Contemporary, BDSM
Target Reader: Adult

She was forbidden.

I didn’t care.

As my best friend’s little sister, Macey Hale was off-limits. Tempting as sin, and forbidden. I wish I could say that stopped me. I wish I could tell you I’d behaved like a gentleman.

I didn’t.

When she waltzes back into my life with that same spark I fell for, looking every bit the beautiful woman I knew she’d grow into, I have to force myself to remember I’m different from the man she once knew. I’m colder. Harder. And for good reason.

With my heart on lockdown, and my hands aching to touch her, I set out to prove that I can keep myself in check this time.

No strings. No attachments.

And definitely no falling for her again.

If you like steamy love stories, you won’t want to miss this older brother’s best friend romance.

This is book two in the Lessons with the Dom series, following The Gentleman Mentor. Both are complete standalone novels featuring sexy Dominant men you’re sure to fall in love with. Enjoy!

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Review by Elle

Sinfully Mine is the second book from Lesson with the Dom series. I have huge anticipation about what’s next but sadly, I have to lower my expectation. I’m a little disappointed because it feels out of BDSM element. I realize that the BDSM isn’t main point in this series (Book #1 is better than this). Sorry, this is just average erotica with rainbow and sprinkles.

Reece Jackson is the owner of BDSM club CRAVE and Hale’s best friend (from The Gentleman Mentor; book #1). He never has relationship outside BDSM. He’s hardworking person and multimillionaire businessman. Macey is Hale’s little sister and she come to Reece for crazy, hot and sweating sex; after six years. They shared intimate relationship in the past; but due to age difference and the fact that she’s his best friend little sister so he stay away. Reece in dilemma between her needs for Macey and his friendship with Hale because he knows that Macey is a forbidden fruit for him. Reece tried his best to avoid her but Macey isn’t a woman who’s going to step back easily. Macey only wants Reece and he’s going to give her three ‘lesson’ in BDSM; although it’s not her world.

I’m on the edge about this book. The story has so much potential to be better than first book. There’s so much missing point. Reece and Macey has connection before they went to separate ways. But when they meet again, both of them seems holding back. It makes me irritated and I don’t feel sizzling chemistry around them. Macey is a newbie in BDSM world and Reece accept her to have lesson with him as a Dom but only with Hale’s approval. I know that’s going to be awkward. Reece supposed to be laid some T&C about their BDSM lesson even they’re not in relationship but instead, Reece is going commando without laid some rules. That’s the weak point. Remember: Macey is new to BDSM world and it might scare her in some point. So, my thought is BDSM in this book just for spices because it’s not detailed enough for a newbie. It’s quite hard to accept that Reece is a Dom because everything is explain this book is not reflect him that much.

Reece become the main problem here. I really hope Reece is big alpha Dom because his cameo on first book really promising. Dang! Everything has change on second book. I’m not feeling that vibe and sometimes he’s being an ass. He couldn’t separate between his feeling and BDSM with Macey. Every Dom I knew has to do AFTERCARE after D/s did a scene. He avoid it because didn’t want to get intimate with her but HE NEVER MENTIONED IT ON THEIR TERMS. Macey has great personality. She’s strong, sassy and determined.  She wasn’t afraid to try something new. BDSM is the only way for her to get close to Reece.

Overall, this is not bad but the storyline is quite boring for me and predictable. The sex is lack of emotions and too scripted for me (Why I have this feeling that ‘back door’ sex is a necessity in this book?). It isn’t enough makes me feeling HOT and wanting for more. Sorry, I have uncertainty emotion towards the story; no special attraction. Kendall Ryan writes this flow beautifully but everything happened so quickly without any meaningful change and development between Reece and Macey.  If you’re looking for sexy love story then, Sinfully Mine is an enjoyable read with light BDSM for the spices. I hope the other reader will enjoy this more than I did. I’m still looking forward to the next installment, maybe Oliver?

*** See Elle’s Review for The Gentleman Mentor here! ***
Overall Rating





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