Book Review: Steal the Day by Lexi Blake

Steal the Day by Lexi Blake
Series: Thieves #2
Release Date: October 22nd 2013
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment
Language: English
Print Length: 317 pages
Genres:  Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Magic
Target Reader: Adult

The world’s most unusual thief faces her greatest challenge—stealing a soul from the depths of Hell…

When a member of her crew is dragged to Hell by a demon, Zoey plans the most dangerous heist of her career. With her team at her side, Zoey intends to sneak onto the Hell plane and steal Sarah back.

The job seems impossible until a new client makes them an offer too good to refuse. If she can find an ancient artifact called The Revelation, she can use it to locate an angel who holds Sarah’s redemption in his hands.

Surrounded by warring angels and demons, the greatest threat may come from one of her own. Torn between her Fae lover and the vampire who has always held her heart, Zoey finds that she and Dev are trapped in Daniel’s web of secrets and it may be Zoey who has to pay the ultimate price.

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Review by Elle

You have to read the first novel, Steal The Light (It’s free download via Kindle/Kobo/?), because this has main plot line with same main characters. I’m addict to Lexi Blake, for real! I read Masters and Mercenaries series at first and got hooked. I know this Thieves series like two years ago but I wasn’t have good feeling about erotica author makes paranormal series. Dear God! I read Steal The Light and can’t stop devour it. I’m warning you!

With Sarah; her witch gone, Zoey determined to bring her back from Hell plane. The new client; duo angel, Felicity and Oliver Day wants to help her with new mission; to bring their brother back. Dev who already part of her team will help her to bring the mission into success. When they’re trying to get Sarah back, there is problem lies ahead from Vampire Council. Double trouble, indeed.

Zoey Wharton Donovan is a kickass heroine and bad girl. She’s the only human female in this series. She has bratty mouth. Zoey (accidentally) got married to Daniel Donovan; her childhood’s sweetheart. Daniel Donovan is a (King) of all vampires, apparently because his blood gen. He’s a geek and comic maniac and sometimes a joker. Despites his happy personality, he can be badass when anyone he loves come to any harm. His vampire personality is very dark and commanding. Damn HOT! Daniel is (basically) a possessive man and never want to share, but for a scheme and he goes along with it. Devinshea Quinn; a human-half fairy prince second line in throne came into Zoey’s world as her lover. Zoey enjoy everything about Dev and the feeling is mutual. Dev feels he found his Goddess in Zoey and decide want to make it last, but not as a lover. Dev wants more than a sidekick lover. Dev is an opposite of Daniel. He pamper and give Zoey everything she wants but Dev wants control in bedroom. He’s naughty and pervert. Rawr! Interesting fact: Dev is decedent of fertility God *wiggles eyebrow*

“Fuck normal, man. Normal will make us all miserable. We make our own normal”

This books is much better than the first I really can’t stop reading their adventure and love life. Besides that, I have some dislikes with this trio. Zoey can be egoist and never think others feel. Daniel can be an ass when his god complex and always distanced himself. Dev always use sex to create distraction. They need to work their asses together as a team, and thank goodness in the end, they really did it. The sex is steamy and hot with normal portion and fine by me but I still lack of chemistry between Zoey-Danny and Zoey-Dev. I hope they will keep build intimacy in the next books. The ending is not what i expected. I hope they can find poor Neil; Zoey’s werewolf-gay husband. He’s the sprinkles in the team.

Overall Rating





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