Book Review: Playing Hard to Master by Sparrow Beckett

*** WARNING! This book is for ADULTS only or may be unsuitable for people under 21 years of age due to sexual content, graphic violence, and/or mature themes. Reader discretion is highly advised. If you are easily offended, then this book is not for you and please do not continue. ***

Playing Hard to Master by Sparrow Beckett

Series: Master Unleashed #2
Published: October 20th 2015 by InterMix
Language: English
Print Length: 237 pages
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Erotica, BDSM
Target Reader: Adult

Ebook: Amazon US

Pleasure and pain once again intertwine in the second installment of Sparrow Beckett’s Masters Unleashed series, following Finding Master Right.

Known as a brat in the kink community, Everly can intimidate even the most experienced Dom. Then she meets Ambrose, a dominant who finds her ways amusing. Not only does he charm the pants off her, he makes her crave his mastery.

After being abandoned by his submissive, Ambrose has avoided any serious connections—until he meets Everly, who refuses to be ignored. But just when he thinks he’s found the perfect sub, he finds out she’s an anti-poverty activist with harsh opinions about the rich. Telling her he’s wealthy will ruin everything, but he can’t collar her with a huge lie hanging over them.

Will the best thing that’s ever happened to him walk away when she finds out the truth?



I’m quite surprised to say that this book actually better than the previous. I was really excited to see how Ambrose’s story will go. FYI, I didn’t enjoy #1 Finding Master Right, but poor Ambrose need his happily ever after. Turns out it was quite okay and fast.

Ambrose and Everly met at the salon and they have quick talk about BDSM. They decide to spend the night for play at the BDSM club in the town. They seem comfortable with each other. Everly is a plus size girl who is positive with her body. She knows BDSM and known as a brat. Ambrose felt challenged by her sassy attitude. Because in Everly’s mind, her brat side needs punishment, not intend to be disrespect.

Based on how his previous play in the first book, Ambrose is a firm and nice Dom. He could be playful but still has dominant aura. There are some minus like no story about how he get into the lifestyle. The only story is about his traumatic past and personal life. It’s not enough for me. On the contrary, Although Everly is a nice person with confident, she’s brat enough to drive me crazy. Sometimes her attitude is not about the lifestyle, but lack of attention. She’s also judgmental person towards rich people. Over judgmental that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t why she’s in this lifestyle either. For me, both of them like role-play with D/s relationship.


I don’t have any problem outside their lifestyle. I mean, their vanilla relationship seems more fun than BDSM. No pressure. The ‘main’ problem felt too shallow and I don’t enjoy it. Not to mentioned it was a little shabby. The sex is just fine. But with so much thinking inside their heads, it was too stiff. Lack of chemistry. On the bright side, they’re not that sucks than Banner and Kate’s book. They’re quickly realize the mistakes in the end. So, Playing Hard to Master isn’t that bad. Whew… The last story about Konstantin. This man is really… ‘mysterious’ :p







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