Release Blitz + ARC Review & Giveaway: This is War, Baby by K Webster

*** WARNING! This is War, Baby is a dark romance. A really dark one. So dark you’re going to wish you had a flashlight to see yourself to the end and someone to hold your hand. Human trafficking, dubious consent, and strong sexual themes that could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.***

This is War, Baby by K Webster

Series: War and Peace #3
Published: February 29th 2016 by Self-published
Language: English
Print Length: 251 pages
Genres: Dark Romance, Erotica
Target Reader: Adult

Ebook: Amazon USAmazon UK • B&N • Kobo • iBooks

My life had a plan. Until he invaded it and stole it all away. My captor took me and I became a pawn.

His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR, because money is everything in this world.

In my WAR, though, I found peace.

I couldn’t help but find love where I least expected it, with a man who lived a battle every day of his life
…all inside his head.

But then my captor came back for me.
Yet, this time, battle lines had been drawn and I was protected.

So we thought.
Even though my WAR was raging,
my captor would fight to the death.

The good guys always win, right?
Not always.

All’s fair in love and WAR, right?
Not this time.



Baylee (17) never realize her darkest fantasy about her neighbour became real nightmare. Gabe (41) kidnapped her. He gave her the most unforgettable moment for two weeks. This sexy, sadistic, and dominant bastard trained her so she could confront the sexual predators in outside world. He was train Baylee to be a perfect sexual slave for auction.

Well, this is my first read from K Webster and I was so amazed with her skill to play with my mind. Her twisted plot and complexity from the characters is suprised. This is War, Baby give something more than just an ordinary dark romance. She also offer multi-layer conflict that appears simple at first and then turns into something deeper and complicated.

The timeline divided by two parts. Preparing Baylee before meet War and the present time she meet War. First 30% is really match with the label; erotica dark romance. But the 50% in War’s part really surprised me also very touching scene. This is a very unpredictable twist. You need to go blind to read this so didn’t ruin the surprises.

There is a thing that slightly bothers me that Baylee is kinda unfocused and less consistent. She could fantasize random things in unusual moment and then giggling. It becomes weireder because it is happened when she was tortured and have oral sex. Sometimes she appears too naive and short-sighted as teenager but also could act and think too mature for her age. Some Baylee’s training activities hot and intriguing but there are some parts with disturbing content. Please be aware to the author’s warning.

This War, Baby is a dark romance sociology problem with exceptional characters, multi layer conflicts, hot villain, and heart warming romance. So, be patient with ending contains cliffhangers until This is Love, Baby (end of March).







K Webster2
K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!



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