Book Review: The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn
Series: Standalone
Publication Date: April 12th 2016 by Hot-Lanta Publishing, LLC
Language: English
Print Length: 334 pages
Genres:  Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Target Reader: New Adult

Ebook: Amazon US • B&N • Kobo • iBooks

It finally happened, I lost my virginity. Cue applause and cheers.

For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds…that was until the demands of the real world set in.

My best friend is getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honor. She’s not worried about flowers, or the dress, or the food at the venue. No, she’s worried about the bachelorette party, what kind of penis crown she will wear, and the nipple size of the stripper who will be attending.

I’m in way over my head trying to balance life with a boyfriend, planning a penis party, and writing my romance novel. Something is bound to give.

This is my life after my happily ever after…

*** Warning: The Randy Romance Novelist is over the top, ridiculous, and is meant to make you burst out in laughter. Question the sanity of this author, and welcome over-dramatized comedy into your life. Please proceed if you would like to read about absurd tomfoolery type events, be exposed to the book world and other authors, as well as see that even in the midst of a comical combustion of nonsensical craziness (and naïve characters) love will always prevail. ***


** Minor Opinion Alert **

In the previous book, Rosie was a virgin who is living with her two best friends. Henry is one of them and he hide his feeling from Rosie. And Rose is just too superficial that didn’t pick up the signal. Lack of experience and seeing how man-whore Henry is the reason she didn’t take Henry for serious. In the end, they managed to talk their feelings out and pronounce in love with each other.

Ugh sorry for the stars. This is really hard for me but I can’t lie about it, eh. I was really looking forward for the continuation but sadly it didn’t work for me. Too many complication that didn’t match my expectation. So here’s my rants:


Told from dual POV from Rosie and Henry, this should be interesting. Now, Rosie and Henry are living together and they have a lot of sex. From virgin to randy <- based on the title. I didn’t protest about how much they’re having sex experiment. It was still entertaining. What is lacked from them is chemistry. Sex is fun, but without connection it feels so blahhh.

but I wasn’t lying when I said Henry had a fantastic appendage.
Girth. Check!
Length. Check!
Hair. None!
Balls. Wrinkly and weird, but let’s be honest, they’re coin purses full of milky babies. Can’t really go right with those things.
Everything about Henry’s “junk” appealed to me.
“Are you reading or staring at my penis?”

They didn’t have enough bonding time. They’re so busy with their jobs and in the night, there is the sex. Henry was too ecstatic with his upcoming promotion and Rosie, oh well she’s busy with the cat she didn’t want. I though this story would be more focus on Rosie’s work as a novelist, instead I follow Henry’s work. I only get the vision of Rosie when she fight the cat or want to have sex. That’s all.

As a person, Rosie was too ‘nice’ and couldn’t say no. I know she’s having reluctance about the cat and Delaney’s (Her BFF) bachelor party but she’s just accept it all. Rosie didn’t have enough her own time and space. She’s so busy with useless stuff and forget herself. Rosie becomes unattractive for me. She’s become another person and I was missing her old-self. The quirky and fun. Not this miss-i-can-do-it-all. The worst is her words isn’t funny; more crude. She’s having bad temperament and keep ranting about sex and her vagina. Woman, go to doctor! I’m so done with her.

Another problem is Henry. He supposed to be honest with her. This is the first time they’re together as a lovers but they really have BAD COMMUNICATION. Henry becomes too soft around Rosie. He wish to be the best first boyfriend for her will backfire anytime. This woman needs firm control and she’s about to lose it. She needs attention because she’s not a pet when you could feed and leave. Why you have to stress yourself and didn’t share with your partner? Well, in this case his partner is kinda a wrecking ball. Not reliable at all.

I’m not bitter but this is a honesty from my view. I didn’t like the jokes or maybe I couldn’t understand. But she’s impolite and rude, sometimes. Again I didn’t really know much about pregnant woman and their hormones but in Rosie’s case it was really scary. Their jokes are really out of control or my comfort zone. Also the incident in the office part, that was really embarrassing in many levels. In the end, I didn’t enjoy this as much as the previous. So frustrating to deal with this immature couple.








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