Book Review: Trust by Jana Aston

*** WARNING! This book is for ADULTS only or may be unsuitable for people under 21 years of age due to sexual content, graphic violence, and/or mature themes. Reader discretion is highly advised. If you are easily offended, then this book is not for you and please do not continue. ***

TRUST by Jana Aston

Series: Standalone
Published: November 8th 2016 by Rutherford Press
Language: English
Print Length: 193 pages
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Target Reader: Adult

Ebook: Amazon US • Amazon UK • B&N • Kobo • iBooks

“Knock knock!”
“Um… Who’s there?”

Yeah. That was me, on my last date. Before you feel sorry for me
you should know that I was the one telling the jokes. Jokes as in
plural, because I didn’t stop with just one. Of course not.

Hi, I’m Chloe Scott. The most awkward single girl in the city.
But I’m going to get it together. I am.

I’m going to learn how to date like a grown up.
I’m going to have an orgasm not given to myself.
I’m going to fall in love and live happily ever after.

Right after I get out of this interrogation room.



Jana Aston said this is the last book from WRONG series. I’m quite sad because it’s starting to get better. Everly’s friend, Chloe is the last person on this train who will meet her future someone. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it very much.

Chloe Scott must the most socially awkward person in the Philadelphia. She has numerous unsuccessful date journey. As a teacher for second grade, Chloe didn’t socialize much. Beside Everly, Sandra and Sophie are her friends. Misfortune from the last date, bring Chloe to the FBI agent, Boyd Gallagher whose apparently Sophie’s half-brother. From asking a favor to become his fake date? Why not, Chloe. This could be her dating lesson and she’s eager to learn from Boyd.

I think I’m 99% like Chloe. Awkward, but not adorkable. She is. When her anxiety came, she couldn’t stop talking, especially with her dry jokes. Ha ha ha… I also liked how pervert she is. I mean, she isn’t prude and open-minded with sexuality. Chloe is just a ordinary woman with cop fetish. She really loves crime TV series. And when she found Boyd, oh boy…

“We’re not doing anal,” I inform him. “Not with this,” I add,…
“Wait, was anal on the table?”
“I’m really curious about it,” I admit, “but not with that thing.” I nod at his monster dick.

Is Boyd too-good-to-be-true? Mostly yes. He seems suspicious at first when asked Sophie as his fake date. He’s a stranger to me even he’s close Sophie, I didn’t know much about him. But when Chloe is starting to ask about him, Boyd didn’t hesitant to answer. He’s very open person also cool as a cucumber. Maybe because he’s FBI agent? Even Boyd came from rich family, he isn’t a show-off. He works outside the family because he enjoy it. Another plus for him. There is no dirty laundry about him.


I enjoyed their chemistry. Honestly, I’m envy them. Maybe Boyd is the only chance for Chloe to get a boyfriend. Their togetherness was delightful. I loved his sudden possessiveness; not as a control freak. It seems Chloe and Boyd is the least aggressive couple. When it came to sex, they’re really HOT. Complementing each other without over-the-top. They’re also like to do ‘sexy experiment’.

What am I doing when you’re thinking about me?”
“Anything. Everything. Sometimes you’re on your knees sucking me off. Sometimes you’re taking a shower while I watch.” Her chest rises. She likes that. “Sometimes I’m pulling your hair”—her eyes widen at that—“and sometimes you’re lying on my bed, asking me to come on your tits.”
“Would you do that?”…
“Do what?”
“Come on me.”
“Is that an invitation?”
“Yes.” She nods. “I want you to. I want to watch.”

The story was told from 2 POVs. I really adored both Chloe and Boyd. There is no drama. Just… let it flow. There is no pressure in their relationship. They’re very cool person. I know the sex came late, but I’m satisfied with the result. They’re need to develop feelings; not insta-everything. To make sure they’re really into each other. Overall, it was a great read and enjoyable until the end.

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“I love.”
“I love who?”
“I love you too.”
“It was pretty bad though.” His grip on me loosens. “Hold on while I text that to myself so I can remember it forever.”





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